Replacement Window Questions That Might Need To Be Answered

Replacing the windows on your home can be a sizable project and investment to undertake. This is a task that homeowners will generally not have the experience or knowledge to be able to handle with confidence, but improving your knowledge about this upgrade can help you to make the best choices for your house. Will You Have To Dispose Of The Old Windows? The fear of upgrading the windows being an inconvenient task may cause you to be hesitant about committing to this type of project. Read More 

Ideas For Clearing Space In Your Bathroom For The Installation Of A Walk-In Tub

When your family doctor recommends that you begin using a walk-in tub due to your physical limitations, it's important to think carefully about the current configuration of your bathroom. In a large bathroom, it won't be a challenge to have a walk-in tub installed; in many cases, the plumber you hire can simply tear out your existing shower or tub and replace it with the walk-in tub. However, if you have a smaller bathroom in which space is at a premium, your contractor will remove the shower but you'll still need to get creative with creating more space in the room to get around with ease. Read More 

3 Unusual Custom Pool Ideas to Make the Most out of a Small Swimming Space

Installing a custom pool at your home will be more challenging if you don't have ample space, which means that you may need to think outside the lines. Here are some unusual custom pool design ideas that will work best in smaller spaces. 1. Small Wood Pool and Spa for Dual Purpose Relaxation There are many wood spas available if you want to have a wooden hot tub. You may also want to consider a larger wooden spa design for a small pool for your home. Read More 

How To Sand Hardwood Floors

Over the years, the finish on your hardwood floor is bound to wear down. Even if your finish is still perfectly in tact, it could just look out of style. Just like any other design element in your home, you might need to update your floor to keep it looking modern. Refinishing a hardwood floor is definitely a tiring and time-consuming task  but it does not require very much technical know-how. Read More 

Three Nasty Surprises You Might Find During Kitchen Remodeling And How To Fix Them

Kitchen remodeling can be a very exciting project. After all, you are recreating a room where you cook, eat, entertain and spend some quality moments with family and friends. You want it to represent your tastes and personal style. However, there can be some nasty surprises awaiting you when you start pulling things out of your kitchen. Here are some of the less-than-pleasant issues you might encounter during your kitchen remodel and how to fix them. Read More