Ideas For Clearing Space In Your Bathroom For The Installation Of A Walk-In Tub

When your family doctor recommends that you begin using a walk-in tub due to your physical limitations, it's important to think carefully about the current configuration of your bathroom. In a large bathroom, it won't be a challenge to have a walk-in tub installed; in many cases, the plumber you hire can simply tear out your existing shower or tub and replace it with the walk-in tub. However, if you have a smaller bathroom in which space is at a premium, your contractor will remove the shower but you'll still need to get creative with creating more space in the room to get around with ease. It may be a good idea to hire someone like Herl's Bath Solutions, who specialized in shower conversions, but here are some ideas that can give you more space for this project.

Install A Pocket Door

One of the issues of a standard bathroom door is that it typically opens into the room. This can make the space in an already-small bathroom seem even tighter. One solution is to hire a contractor to rework the door so that it opens outward, but this might not be ideal if your hallways are tight. Instead, consider having a pocket door installed. Instead of swinging in or out, a pocket door slides into the wall. Your contractor will need to reinforce some of your wall studs, but this project essentially adds space to your bathroom because you'll no longer have a door swinging through it. This can help your free up space for a walk-in tub.

Knock Out A Closet

Some bathrooms have closets, which are handy but can take up valuable space. Hire a contractor to look at the closet; in many cases, he or she will be able to take out the walls around it, which will greatly increase your floor space in the bathroom. You'll ideally then have enough room for your walk-in tub. You can take items from the closet, such as towels, and hang them on racks on the bathroom walls. This will give you easy access to these items in a space-efficient manner.

Install A Wall-Mounted Toilet

The installation of a wall-mounted toilet can free up floor space in the bathroom to help give you enough room for your walk-in tub. This type of toilet is smaller than a conventional toilet because it doesn't have a tank. The result is a toilet that sticks out into the room much less than a conventional toilet. On its own, this change won't free up enough space for a walk-in tub, but when you pair it with other changes, it can provide valuable extra space for your new fixture.