Replacement Window Questions That Might Need To Be Answered

Replacing the windows on your home can be a sizable project and investment to undertake. This is a task that homeowners will generally not have the experience or knowledge to be able to handle with confidence, but improving your knowledge about this upgrade can help you to make the best choices for your house.

Will You Have To Dispose Of The Old Windows?

The fear of upgrading the windows being an inconvenient task may cause you to be hesitant about committing to this type of project. In particular, you may be worried about how you will dispose of the old windows. For those that do not have a large truck, this can seem like it will be an impossible task. Luckily, your replacement window contractor will be able to handle disposal of this debris. In fact, it can be common for these professionals to offer complimentary disposal services.

How Do Insulated Glass Windows Work?

During the process of choosing the windows that you will have installed, you may not understand the full range of benefits that insulated glass can provide. Windows that utilize this type of glass will have an insulating gas injected between the frames. In addition to combating convective heating and cooling, these gasses can also limit the amount of ultraviolet radiation that enters the home, which can protect your floors and skin against sun damage. Due to the potential energy saving benefits of these windows, it can be common for there to be local tax incentives or rebates from the power company for choosing to have these windows installed. Considering that insulated glass will be more costly, these cost-saving benefits can help to make this choice easier to afford.

Do Wood Windows Always Need Cladding?

When you opt to have wood windows installed, you will typically want to have cladding installed as well. Wood can be prone to suffering a number of damages. For example, insects and birds can damage it, moisture can cause rot to develop and the sun can cause it to become discolored. If wood window frames develop severe rot or sun discoloration, replacing them may be the best option for restoring the appearance and structural integrity of your home.

By having cladding installed, you will be protecting the wood against these problems. Cladding is typically made of vinyl or another weather resistant material. A combination of a powerful adhesive and nails or screws will be used to secure the panels in place so that water can not easily get around these panels.