3 Unusual Custom Pool Ideas to Make the Most out of a Small Swimming Space

Installing a custom pool at your home will be more challenging if you don't have ample space, which means that you may need to think outside the lines. Here are some unusual custom pool design ideas that will work best in smaller spaces.

1. Small Wood Pool and Spa for Dual Purpose Relaxation

There are many wood spas available if you want to have a wooden hot tub. You may also want to consider a larger wooden spa design for a small pool for your home. This pool can include spa features and be large enough for you to enjoy short swims. A wooden spa can also be a more affordable solution than some of the other pools and spas available. If you are building something above ground, this option can be a great way to integrate the pool and spa into features like decks.

2. Large Custom Spas with Swimming Features for Exercise

Large custom spas can be another great choice for your home if you don't have a lot of space. There are spas that are large enough for you to take a swim in and enjoy a hot tub that can seat a house full of guests. These come in many different designs, which include water jets that provide a flow of water for you to swim against, so you can get the same workout that you get with a lap pool.

3. Custom Pools That Are Integrated into Interior Space for All Year Use

Another option that you may want to consider for a pool design is a custom pool that is integrated into the space of your home. This option will also allow you to enjoy your pool and spa all year. The pool can be partially built inside an area of your home like a basement, which can give you indoor and outdoor space to enjoy. To do this, you will also want to have the help of a structural engineer to design the features your home will need to house a partially indoor pool.  You can also have the spa area installed indoors to enjoy more privacy for your hot tub.

These are some unusual custom pool designs that can help you take advantage of the limited space you have available. If you are ready for a new custom pool for your small space, contact a pool contractor to help with these improvements.