Five Frequently Overlooked Bathroom Remodeling Issues

When people remodel bathrooms, they often find it easy to focus on the aesthetic elements. However, bathroom remodeling is an opportunity to address numerous problems. If you have remodeling plans, pay attention to these five frequently overlooked issues. Plumbing Repairs and Upgrades Especially if you're tearing everything out and starting over, you have a superb chance to repair and upgrade the plumbing. If there are old metal pipes in the bathroom, consider replacing them with modern flexible plastic lines. Read More 

5 Ways To Make Your New Bathroom Timeless

When you invest in a bathroom renovation, you want to get the most for your money. While there are a number of factors to achieving this, one approach will go a long way toward recouping your investment. What is it? Giving it a timeless style.  Timeless remodels mean you won't have to redo it in a few years, that it will last through your life (and family) changes, and that future buyers will find it appealing. Read More 

Kitchen Design Tips And Ideas For Vegans

Cooking vegan food does not necessarily require different equipment or a different setup than cooking omnivorous meals. However, if you eat a vegan diet, there may be nuances to the way you cook, store, and prepare food that are unique to your lifestyle. It's a good idea to keep these nuances in mind as you work with a designer to create your custom kitchen. Here are some kitchen design tips and ideas to keep in mind if you're a vegan. Read More 

The Benefits Of Sending Samples To An Air Analysis Testing Lab

When you buy a building that has sat vacant for years, you may need to take measures to ensure its safety and cleanliness. You might have to find out what dangers lurk in the air and ventilation system before you can open it up to the public. However, you cannot hazard a guess just by inspecting the building or walking around in the air inside of it by yourself. You can find out what dangers exist, if any, by having samples sent to one of the reputable air analysis testing labs in your area. Read More 

Simple Kitchen Upgrades To Modernize Your Space

People often assume that in order to modernize their kitchen, they need to make big changes. This is not necessarily the case. If you can't afford a full remodel or do not want to put in that much effort, making a few small changes to your kitchen can help bring it into the modern era. Here are a few upgrades to consider. A Kitchen Island Is there enough floor space in your kitchen to add an island? Read More