Two Reasons Converting A Bath To A Shower Makes Sense

There are many choices when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. If you're thinking of changing up your bathtub, here are two reasons why you should consider converting it into a shower instead.

Keep Your Home for Longer

Most people don't realize this, but the majority of homes are built for able-bodied people. So, when the homeowner—or someone living in the house—suffer a disability or age-related mobility issues, they often need to sell their house and move someplace more accommodating.

Converting a tub into a shower can be the first step to ensuring you're able to remain in your home for many years. Not only are showers easier to enter and exit, they tend to provide more usable floor space than tubs. Wheelchair users will have more room to maneuver and caregivers can help their loved one with their hygiene needs.

On top of that, you can add more accessibility features, such as bench for sitting and non-slip flooring. A contractor can provide suggestions on other things you can include in your shower to make it safer and easier to use now and in the future.

Increase Your Home's Value

Even if you don't plan on keeping the home for a long time, converting a tub into a shower can still benefit you when it comes time to sell the home. As noted previously, showers make bathroom safer and more accessible for people with mobility issues. If you're home is situated in an area with a lot of older people, having at least one shower will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Converting your bathtub also provides the opportunity to make environmentally friendly changes, particularly if you have an older home that still has legacy plumbing, appliances, and fixtures. For instance, you can install a water-conserving shower head, get any leftover lead pipes replaced, and use more sustainable materials.

It's important to note that you'll reap the most benefits of a tub to shower conversion if your home has at least two bathrooms and one still has a tub. This is because many people still want a tub option for soaking or for use to bathe children and pets. If you only have one bathroom, it's a good idea to consult with a realtor about how the conversion may affect your home's resale value if you decide to sell in the future.

For more information about tub to shower remodels, contact a local contractor.