Five Frequently Overlooked Bathroom Remodeling Issues

When people remodel bathrooms, they often find it easy to focus on the aesthetic elements. However, bathroom remodeling is an opportunity to address numerous problems. If you have remodeling plans, pay attention to these five frequently overlooked issues.

Plumbing Repairs and Upgrades

Especially if you're tearing everything out and starting over, you have a superb chance to repair and upgrade the plumbing. If there are old metal pipes in the bathroom, consider replacing them with modern flexible plastic lines. Not only are these more maintainable, but a contractor has an easier time running them through the floors and walls. This makes a major difference if your remodeling project is moving a big feature like the shower to a different part of the room.

You also want to check for any repair needs. People oftentimes overlook small leaks. These can damage wood and trigger mold growth. While you have the bathroom torn up, this is the time to fix such problems.


Bathrooms generate steam. Moisture can damage interiors and promote mold. Ventilation is the key to keeping the bathroom as dry as possible. If there's ventilation present, make sure it provides enough capacity. Also, verify that everything is in working and replace anything that is not. If no ventilation is present, ask a bathroom remodeling company to include it with your renovations.


Most people keep their bathroom supplies in their bathrooms. Storage becomes important quickly even in a small household. If you haven't been happy with the current bathroom's storage capacity, then expand it. Also, consider installing shelves, towel racks, and cabinets to maximize unused space.

Traffic Flow

Even if you're the only person living in a house, the space's traffic flow matters. For example, a shower door that opens toward the bathroom door can be inconvenient. Think about how you move into and around the bathroom. If you don't like something about how everything feels as you move around, as a remodeling company to fix the issue.

Safety and Future-Proofing

Most people don't remodel often enough to keep up with evolving needs. If you're renovating the bathroom in a house that you plan to retire in, now is the time to prepare. Aging-in-place features like hand bars are great for safety even if you don't have mobility issues. Anti-skid surfaces are also excellent for future-proofing a bathroom. You may want to make the shower, toilet, and sink more accessible, too. Taking the curb off the shower, for example, prevents accidents.

For more information, contact a remodeling company near you.