Make Safety Improvements To Your Bathroom By Renovating Your Shower

If you've considered making safety improvements to your bathroom, the shower is an excellent place to start. Since there can be some concerns over someone getting injured in the shower due to a fall, there are a lot of different features you can implement that will improve your bathroom to make it safer. With so many different updates you can make, consider the advantages of the following improvements and what they can offer for your bathroom.

Grab Bars 

As you explore the different updates you can make to your shower, consider the convenience that grab bars can add. By installing several bars in the shower, it will be easy for you to have something to hold onto as you enter or exit the shower. This can be useful if you do slip since you'll have a secure bar to grab onto for support.

Floor Traction

Another easy way to improve the safety in your bathroom is to have floor traction put in. Instead of worrying that the shower floor will be slippery and pose a significant risk of falling, proper traction can give you something to grip, even when the shower is on. This can make an enormous difference in how secure you are using the shower since your feet won't feel as slippery when you account for soap and shampoo increasing the chance of a fall.

Shower Bench

Having somewhere to sit while showering can be useful in a variety of situations. Whether you feel sick and don't have the strength to stand for long periods or get lightheaded while in the shower, having a bench can make it much safer to sit down and still get your shower done.

Shower benches can come in various appearances, allowing you to find a style that fits in cohesively and provides the look you want.


If your shower is dimly lit, the chance of getting injured could increase. Since you don't want to be in a situation where the shower is difficult to step in and out of due to poor lighting, your shower remodel should include improving the lighting. Not only can this be a great opportunity to add functionality to your bathroom, but it can also allow you to change the bathroom's look.

Remodeling a shower can be a fantastic idea when you're looking for ways to improve safety. Since a shower has many safety concerns, the above features can give you peace of mind. 

Contact a local shower remodeling contractor to learn more.