Prioritize Safety At Home With New Kitchen Cabinetry Installed

Having new cabinetry installed at home presents you with many opportunities to add features that your home needs. If your primary concern is safety, either due to pets or children at home, there's a lot you can look into to ensure you achieve it.

Rather than buying any stock cabinetry, consider the difference custom cabinets make, as well as the features to include to improve safety.

Include Secure Locks 

As you shop for new kitchen cabinets, it makes sense to prioritize locks that work as needed. If you have young children, the locks should be placed on every cabinet that contains harmful or fragile items. Child locks can mean the difference between your children getting into poisonous chemicals or sharp objects.

Although you can have child locks installed after the cabinetry, you'll want to consider this addition when choosing new cabinets since you may want a seamless look in your kitchen. From magnetic locks that are hidden inside the cabinets and opened with a magnet key to sliding locks that work with knobs and handles, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

Opt for Slow-Close Doors

Since your cabinets can lead to pinched fingers and potential injuries, it's best to consider the difference slow-close doors make. These cabinet doors will never slam shut and instead gently come to a close. These doors can reduce alarming noises in your kitchen while cooking and ensure that safety is considered with your new cabinetry.

Since this kind of technology needs to be included in the plans when updating your home with new cabinets, it's best to start early with your plans.

Realistically Consider Height

If you want to improve safety for even yourself, you should consider the dangers cabinetry that's too tall can make. From climbing onto the countertops to using a ladder, reaching tall cabinets can lead to an increased risk of injury. Combining this effort with balancing plates or other items you're trying to move can mean a higher chance of falling.

Choose cabinets that are a manageable height and still provide plenty of storage to maintain safety at home.

Before buying new kitchen cabinets, you'll need to be realistic about safety and your goals with the purchase. Whether you have children you need to keep out of the cabinets or you simply want to improve safety with yourself in mind, the above tips can help tremendously with ensuring that your cabinetry looks fantastic and isn't going to lead to potential injuries.