How To Overcome 3 Obstacles To Adding A Walk-In Pantry

Should you add a walk-in pantry to your kitchen remodeling plans? For many homeowners, the walk-in pantry is the ideal food storage method for kitchens. But walk-in pantries have their own challenges. What are these challenges, and how can you overcome them with design and planning? Here's what you need to know about three common complaints. 

1. They Take More Space

There's no getting around the fact that a walk-in pantry of any size will generally need more space than a reach-in pantry. Carving out this space means you can't use it for other kitchen activities. So the goal is to make sure it's a worthwhile exchange. 

Don't overlook the fact that you can use the pantry for more than just food storage. Many homeowners store small appliances in the pantry or place the microwave inside. It could host a desk workstation, a charging station, or cleaning tools. In fact, you may use it for whatever you like, as it's your pantry. 

2. Things Can Get Lost

After you've worked with a walk-in pantry for a while, you may find that some items gravitate to the back recesses and may never be seen (or properly used) again. Can your design minimize this common phenomenon? Yes.

The first step is to avoid the most common causes of such pantry black holes. For instance, trade out most deep shelves for narrower ones. Opt for alternative storage to the immediate left and right of the entry. And make sure you can easily reach the top shelf. Secondly, use both built-in and freestanding organizers, including pull-out shelves, drawers, display racks, hanging hooks, and lazy Susans. 

3. They Can't Go Just Anywhere

Because of its larger size, a walk-in pantry can't be included just anywhere in your design. This may mean the pantry isn't as conveniently located as you'd like.

While you may not be able to move it closer, you can make adjustments for specific needs. If you like to bake on a wide expanse of countertop in a certain area, add a cabinet specifically to hold your most-used baking supplies closer to the work area. Hang spice rack storage near the stovetop, or create a mobile workstation you can wheel around and return to the pantry. 

Where to Start

Could creative thinking and good planning help solve any obstacles to getting the walk-in pantry of your dreams? Start by learning more in consultation with an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor. With their expertise and your vision, you'll soon have exactly the kitchen you want. 

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