2 Ways To Add Seating Options In Your Kitchen

As a homeowner, you may notice that your family spends a lot of time in the kitchen. While you might love seeing your family cook, clean, and socialize together, you may find that the room lacks seating. This can lead to situations in which every family member stays standing. An easy solution is to work with kitchen remodelers to add several reliable seating options to the room.

Custom Island

A good project is a custom island because of how much more it can do than provide seating for your family. For instance, you can get ample storage and workspace while also getting all the seating your family wants and needs to get comfortable in the kitchen.

With a custom island, you can prioritize seating in the design. A great plan is to dedicate an entire side of the island to seating where you can fit enough barstools to seat your household.

While making kitchen changes, you may find it worthwhile to move the cooktop and sink to the island. Currently, a family member may need to turn away from the island when cooking or washing dishes. But bringing these features to the island allows them to face anyone sitting down. This way, your family can all easily socialize while cooking or washing the dishes.

An important design decision is adding a large gap underneath the seating side. This will allow your family to push the barstools all the way in and sit forward without legs being cramped.

Corner Nook

Another option for seating is a corner nook. In a large kitchen, you may be able to point out an unused corner, which can become the perfect spot to add this feature. A corner next to several windows is even better because your family can sit down and enjoy the natural light and views.

When you add this feature, you will need to decide on a seating type. For instance, you can get a built-in booth, chairs, or even benches. Built-in seating is often the best option because it allows you to utilize the space best and get creative by adding storage underneath the seats.

Remodelers can even install brand-new windows if you decide on a corner without any. This will encourage your family to use the corner nook because windows are a desirable addition.

When you notice that your kitchen lacks dedicated seating, you can enjoy a reliable solution by hiring professionals for these projects. 

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