Three Ways To Add Seating To Your Kitchen

In many homes, the kitchen is a spot that the family enjoys gathering. For example, when you're cooking a meal, one or more members of your family may hang out in this area and chat with you. Unfortunately, a lack of seating options can make lots of kitchens feel somewhat inhospitable. If your kitchen fits this description, you may want to add some seating choices to it. Instead of just asking your family member to grab a chair and sit down, you can work with a kitchen remodeling professional to make some major changes to this space. Here are three ways to add seating to your kitchen.

Island Top Extension

If you currently have a small kitchen island, one project to consider is extending its top to create an overhang. Having your remodeling contractor change the top of the island will allow you to slide a couple of bar stools beneath it, which can offer convenient seating space for your family members. The larger island countertop will come in handy in a number of different ways, including providing more space for preparing food. This may also become a space that people can use for casual meals—for example, your kids might eat their breakfast in this spot before school instead of sitting down at the table.

Sitting Nook

Another idea to discuss with your remodeling professional is the addition of a small sitting nook somewhere in the kitchen. The exact location and size will depend on the layout and spaciousness of your kitchen, but a built-in area in which a family member can sit can be desirable. Some people favor a nook between two large cabinet sections. Sitting nooks are known for their comfort, and you may even find that once you get a meal in the oven, you enjoy sitting in this cozy area and scrolling through your phone or reading a book for a few minutes.


If your kitchen has a table and chairs in it, another way that you can add seating to this part of your home is to have your contractor build a banquette. This bench-style seating will go against the wall. For example, if one chair currently has its back to the wall, a banquette built into this area will provide more seating space than the single chair. This can create more space for when you have guests, but it can also be useful when your children or other family members want to hang out in the kitchen with you. Talk to a local kitchen remodeler about these and other ideas.