Parent Getting Older? 2 Changes To Make In Their Home

If your parent is getting older but still wants to live at home, there are some changes you should make. These changes will help prevent your parent from falling and becoming injured. Keep reading for two of these changes so you can get started.

Make Changes to Bathroom

One common area for anyone to get injured in is the bathroom as floors can get slippery. It is also easy to fall when getting into and out of the bathtub. For your parent, purchase a walk-in bathtub to make things much easier for them. These bathtubs feature a watertight door that your parent can open to step into the tub and then open to step out of the tub. Your parent must make sure the bathtub is drained before they open the door when getting in or getting out. You can find walk-in bathtubs in a variety of colors, so you can find one that matches the bathroom décor. 

Along with the walk-in bathtub install a non-slip mat inside the tub to help prevent your parent from slipping. Also, install grab bars throughout the bathroom. Install them close to the tub for your parent to use to stand up and sit down. Install grab bars next to the toilet to help your parent. Make sure the bathroom is well lit so your parent can see well. Install shelves that are easy for your parent to reach.

Talk to a remodeling contractor, such as We Improve For You, to make plans for a residential walk-in bathtub.

Remove Clutter

Make sure there is not a lot of clutter in your parent's home as this could make them trip and fall. You may have to remove some furniture if a room is too full. If there are hardwood floors, you should consider carpeting the entire home. Carpeting is much safer than hardwood flooring for seniors to walk on.

Look for electrical cords in the home and if you see any that your parent could trip over. Purchase electrical cord wire to wrap them up to keep them out of the way. You can purchase this at most home improvement or office supply stores. Walk through the home yourself to see what would be in your parent's way. Your parent could make some extra cash if they need to get rid of furniture or other items as they could sell them online or have a yard sale. 

Besides these two things, install new lighting throughout the home, widen doorways, if needed, and more.