Installing A New Tub In Your Bathroom

The bathtub is one of the central plumbing fixtures in your home. Not surprisingly, problems that force you to replace or renovate the bathtub can be fairly disruptive. Avoiding some incorrect assumptions will help you to have a pleasant experience with overseeing this change to your home's bathroom.

Assumption: Any Crack In Your Bathtub Can Be Easily Repaired

Cracks are a common type of damage for a bathtub, but it is also an issue that could potentially allow large amounts of water to leak out. While shallow and small cracks in the tub can be patched, deeper cracks may not be repairable. If your bathtub has suffered cracks, having a bathtub renovation service inspect it can help you to determine whether it is worth the cost to repair and refinish the tub or it will be necessary to completely replace it.

Assumption: Replacing A Bathtub Is A Lengthy Process

Installing a new bathtub does not have to be a lengthy process for you to have done. In fact, there are one-day bathtub installation services that will be able to complete this work in a matter of hours. Not surprisingly, this is one of the more popular services to use when you are needing to have this done for your house. In many cases, these services may even be able to handle the removal of the previous tub, which can help to limit the need for you to hire multiple contractors for a single project. Additionally, this can help to limit the costs involved with replacing the bathtub. However, these services are unlikely to provide disposal of the old tub.

Assumption: It Is Always Simple To Install A Larger Bathtub

One common complaint that people will have about their bathtubs is that their tub is too small. While it may be possible to upgrade the bathtub, you will need to be mindful that this can significantly complicate the bathtub replacement project. This is due to the need to provide the tub with enough space and to ensure that the floors will be able to support the additional weight. If you are considering upgrading to a larger bathtub, you should have your bathroom professionally assessed to determine whether the floor will also need upgrades to be made to improve its strength. Otherwise, the weight of the water and the tub itself could cause severe structural damage that could require urgent and expensive repairs in the future.