Kitchen Remodeling Tips to Make Your Kitchen Work for You

If you are in the process of planning a makeover for your kitchen, you are probably thinking about choosing the right colors and picking a design style. However, it is also important to make sure your new kitchen will work well for your unique lifestyle. Consider these tips when planning your kitchen remodeling project to you design a space that is both pretty and practical.

Design your kitchen for convenience

Save steps by installing a swing-out tap near your stove. This will eliminate carrying heavy pots from the sink to the cooking surface and will reduce the risks of spills. Add shelves beside the stove to store cooking oils, spices, and utensils to keep them within arm's reach when cooking meals.

Adding an extra microwave or mini refrigerator near the entryway to the kitchen will make it convenient for guests or children to grab a drink or heat up a snack without overcrowding the kitchen when you are busy preparing a meal. Place an extra storage cabinet or cupboard near a breakfast nook for storing cereal, bowls, spoons, or other breakfast necessities. Place a silverware drawer near the dishwasher to save steps when putting away clean utensils.

Widen your walking space

Make sure the pathway through the kitchen is wide enough to make cooking and kitchen chores comfortable. Allow plenty of space between the island bar and other kitchen elements. If your kitchen space is small, you may want to consider placing your island bar to the side of the kitchen, instead of the center, to avoid overcrowding your kitchen work area.

Analyze your kitchen island needs

What is the main function of your kitchen island? If you are a cooking enthusiast, you will need a large island bar with a durable surface. If you wish to use your island bar as an additional eating space, consider doing a double-height island bar to keep the food prep and eating areas separate. If you want your island bar to be the focal point of the kitchen, consider painting it a bold color to contrast with walls and kitchen appliances.

There is always a lot of excitement around planning a kitchen remodel. After all, the kitchen is often the main hub of the home and you want to design a kitchen that suits you and your family's needs. Making sure your kitchen has plenty of aesthetic value, plus the right practical elements, will help you create a kitchen that is beautiful and works for you.