4 Ways To Impress Guests With Bathroom Improvements

When you invite people into your home, you may want to provide them with the greatest experience possible. If you also like to impress your guests with features, qualities, and accommodations, you may be willing to take on remodeling projects with them in mind. To accomplish this goal with your main bathroom, you should work on a few specific bathroom remodeling projects.

Smart Toilet

One of the most existing and functional features that you can introduce to your main bathroom is a smart toilet. This kind of toilet has all the functions of a normal toilet, but it can do so much more depending on the model that you purchase and install. Getting bidet functionality is only the beginning because you can get other features that will help to impress all your guests.

Some of these features include a seat warmer, automatic seat opener, and a variety of controls to make sure the water pressure and temperature for cleaning are ideal for each individual.

Touchless Faucets

A step towards a smarter home does not have to stop with a smart toilet. You can invest in a touchless faucet that will prevent the need to use your hands to turn the water on.

This has functional benefits in keeping the sink and vanity area cleaner by not having to put your dirty hands on anything or dripping water around the faucet itself. Even if your guests have used a touchless faucet in the past, they may not expect to use one when visiting someone's home.

Heated Flooring

While a heated home will likely lead to the primary bathroom feeling quite comfortable, you can make it even more so by investing in heated flooring. The flooring in most bathrooms can feel somewhat cold even when the heating system is working properly, but you can make sure that even the floor is comfortable to the touch by using professionals to install radiant floor heating.

Whirlpool Tub

If you invite guests to stay overnight on a regular basis, you may offer a bath or shower to them so that they can clean up or relax while staying at your place. While a standard bathtub may not be that tempting to use, you can impress your guests with a whirlpool tub. The idea of sitting in a deep tub with soothing jets to provide muscle relief may encourage guests to take a bath.

Remodeling your bathroom with these additions and improvements will help you impress guests.