Shower Remodeling Ideas That Help You Plan For The Future Needs Of Your Family

The bathroom in your home may be outdated with an old tub or shower stall. These features can be a problem if you want to plan for the future. Tubs can be dangerous, and showers may need to have seating and features for accessibility when you need them. The following shower remodeling ideas will help you update your bathroom with features for your future needs.

Consider If You Need a Bathtub

There are some good reasons for you to want to keep a bathtub. A hot bath can help with many health problems. Today, there are a few options to consider for a shower and tub in the bathroom design, including:

  • Stand-up tub with accessibility door features
  • Using both a shower pan and smaller tub for the design
  • Bumping the bathroom out to add space for tub and shower

You want to decide if you want to get rid of your bathtub completely or use one of these combinations.

Make Sure the Shower Design Has Seating

Seating is a very important feature for the design of a shower. When you need to have a shower that has better accessibility, the seating will make things easier. Options to consider for different seating in your shower design include:

  • Wood bench seats and furniture
  • Built-in bench seat
  • Contoured shower seat for comfort

Seating will make it easier to use the shower, as well as options for functional and useful features. One useful feature that you may want to consider is adding heated tiles to contoured shower seats.

Use Round Edges to Reduce Hazards in the Shower

The showers in modern bathroom designs often have sharp corners, which can be a danger if you ever fall. Therefore, you will want to consider contours that are less dangerous when remodeling your shower. This can be done by using materials or tiles that have rounded edges. These materials are designed especially for showers and bathrooms, where slip-and-fall hazards can cause serious injuries.

Adding the Accessibility Features You Need

There are also accessibility features that need to be added to the design of your shower. Before the shower is installed, you want to make sure there are blocks in the all to support features like bars, rails, and other accessibility features. Your shower should also have slip-resistant features to help make it safer if you have health problems that already make it difficult to use.

The updated shower will give you functional features with the future and accessibility in mind. Call a shower remodeling service and ask them about these features for a new design for your bathroom.