5 Ways To Make Your Little Bathroom Look Bigger

Are you considering remodeling your small bathroom? There are design decisions you can make that will allow your tiny bathroom to appear larger. Here's a look at five ideas that will make your space loom large.

Choose A Monochromatic Color Scheme

Painting your walls one color, the ceiling another color, and then choosing yet more colors for your flooring tile and shower tile will make your already small bathroom look even smaller. Too many different colors will give it a choppy appearance. Instead, decide on one light color to use throughout.

Add Interest With Texture

Using the same color throughout doesn't have to be boring. By choosing different textures for your surfaces, you won't end up with boring. For example, pale seafoam green is a color that evokes a serene and peaceful feeling, perfect for a bathroom. Paint your walls and ceiling in this color, choose the same color in a non-slip flooring tile with a matte finish, which will have a slightly abrasive texture, and then choose a different tile for your shower surround, such as a glossy subway tile. The different finishes and textures between your floor tiles and shower tiles will break up the monotony of the monochromatic color scheme.

Skip The Shower Curtain

Rather than hanging a shower curtain, which essentially cuts a small bathroom in half, opt for glass showers doors instead. This will give the illusion of making the bathroom look larger. It doesn't necessarily need to be plain clear glass, either. You can opt for a textured or frosted glass, or even a colored glass. A glass shower door reminiscent of a vintage cola bottle would go perfectly in a bathroom that has pale seafoam as the chosen color palette. You could also consider having a glass vanity top rather than marble, granite, or another material.

Use Mirrors

The artful placement of larger mirrors is perfect for creating the illusion a space is larger than it really is. Mirrors will also add more light to a dark bathroom, especially if there isn't any natural light. By reflecting both the space and the lighting, the room will appear more spacious and bright.

Don't Hang Curtains

If you do have a window in your bathroom, keep the window treatment simple. If you don't have to worry about privacy, you could opt to just leave the window bare. If that isn't possible, consider using a frosted glass window cling, which will provide privacy yet still allow the natural light in.