Four Tips For Small Space Kitchen Renovations

If you have a tiny kitchen in your home, it can be frustrating at times to make sure you are getting the most out of this space. If you can incorporate some space-saving ideas into your remodel, this can transform the look and functionality of your kitchen. Here are four small space kitchen renovation ideas that might make your kitchen more usable and stylish.

1. Extend Cabinets to the Ceiling

If you don't have much cabinet space to begin with, there is no need to limit this with cabinets that don't extend to the ceiling. While heightened cabinets might not be easily accessible, this can be great to store kitchen items you rarely use. Another option to think about is utilizing smaller display cabinets or shelving up high to keep vases or other items. You can showcase these items in your kitchen without using up prime real estate.

2. Opt for Smaller Appliances

If you are doing an entire overhaul of your kitchen, you can get in more accessibility and counter space by shrinking the size of your appliances. By building out counters that can work around smaller fridges and oven ranges, your kitchen will be more functional and might even be more manageable in a smaller home overall.

3. Shelving and Glass Cabinet Doors

If your kitchen feels closed off, a great way to open this up is with open shelving or cabinets with glass doors. This will give your kitchen the feel of more space overall and open up a boxed-in kitchen that is lined with cabinets. If you don't want all of your items on display, mirrored cabinet doors can have the same effect and give the illusion of more space.

4. Opt for an Open Concept Kitchen and Dining Area

If your kitchen is really just a tiny room, it might be worth it to open this up and extend this into the dining area. An open concept floor plan might take away some cabinet or drawer space, but this can be reintroduced with an island that has storage options below. An open concept kitchen and dining area will make your kitchen more functional and feel more spacious.

Whether you are in a condo or a small home, sometimes your kitchen space is finite. While you might need to make due with the space you have, you can maximize this with a few remodeling tricks. Kitchen renovations factoring in small space options can make your kitchen space work well within its limitations.