5 Tips For Stretching Your Kitchen Remodeling Budget

An old, outdated kitchen can be an eyesore, and a kitchen remodel can go a long way to transform an ugly room into something fantastic. But kitchen remodels can be costly, and many homeowners do not have an unlimited budget for renovations and home improvements. Luckily, there are a number of ways to remodel a kitchen without having to spend a huge amount of money. Use the following tips to help stretch your kitchen remodeling budget:

Have Your Cabinets Refinished or Painted

Brand new cabinets for the kitchen can be very expensive, and the cost is typically a large percentage of a kitchen remodeling budget. If the cabinets in your kitchen are in good repair but you just don't like how they look, consider having them refinished or painted instead of replacing them. Painted or refinished cabinets can drastically change the appearance of your kitchen for the better, and you can save a lot of money at the same time.

Keep the Same Layout

Completely changing the layout of your kitchen and moving around the sink and appliances can result in high plumbing and electrical costs if pipes need to be moved and electrical outlets need to be added. If you want to stretch your budget, plan on keeping your sink and kitchen appliances where they currently are.

Skip the Tile Backsplash

Backsplashes are very popular in kitchens today, but tile or mosaic backsplashes can eat up a good chunk of your budget when you factor in the materials and the labor costs. To keep costs down, consider stenciling a backsplash with paint. This will add visual appeal for a fraction of the cost of a tile backsplash.

Save on Flooring

If you plan to have new tile laid in the kitchen, select a large tile size-- larger tiles typically require less cutting and fewer grout lines, which can help bring down labor costs. You can also choose to have tile that looks like wood laid if you love the appearance of hardwood floors but can afford the cost of hardwood.

Do Some of the Work Yourself

If you're doing a full kitchen remodel, it is essential to work with an experienced, licensed contractor during the project. But if you want to keep your contractor costs down, do some of the easier work yourself. For example, it is much cheaper for you to paint the walls in your kitchen yourself, and if you have a drill and a level, you can put the handles and pulls on your kitchen cabinets yourself instead of paying someone else to do it. Contact a company like Callier Thompson Kitchen & Bath for more information.