Remodeling Your Kitchen? Factors To Consider When Selecting Cabinet Colors

The great thing about remodeling a kitchen is that you get to build it from the ground up, selecting everything about it to your own specifications. One thing you'll need to decide on is the color of the kitchen cabinets. There is more to picking a color than selecting one that looks pretty, which is why you must think about these 3 factors during your kitchen remodel.

Fading Problems

You must consider the windows in the kitchen, and if sunlight will be directly hitting the cabinets. When there is direct sunlight during the day, fading will occur to the cabinets over the years. It will be more noticeable with cabinets that have been painted or stained a dark color.

You can prevent this from happening by selecting a cabinet with a natural wood finish, or a light finish that won't fade as quickly. Selecting a cabinet that has been painted a light grey, cream, or white will also look very modern, which will give your kitchen a great look.

If you insist on going with a darker color, make sure to install blinds that will block the sun during the day when you are not home.

Smudge Marks

Think about how much everyday wear your cabinets will see over the years, and how this can impact the cabinet color. When you have kids that frequently go through your kitchen cabinets, you will notice smudge marks much more easily on dark or stained cabinets. You can wipe these smudges away on dark cabinets, but they will be obvious until you do so.

Consider a matte finish as well to avoid those nasty smudge marks. A high gloss finish will easily show all of the places where the cabinets have been touched due to the oils on your hands.


You may be debating about whether you should get hardware for your cabinets. While it is an added expense, not having them it add to the wear and tear your cabinets will see over the years. If you do decide to get hardware for them, there are some considerations you must make in terms of the material and color.

Light colored cabinets look best with hardware that is also light colored. Having a large contrast between the two can be very unattractive. Keep in mind that metals like brushed nickel or iron will work great with almost any color they are up against.

Still need help picking out the right color for the cabinets for your kitchen? Work with a kitchen remodeling contractor that can help guide you in the right direction.