Four Ideas For Updating Your Old Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets looking tired and out of date? It may be time to consider an update. There are options available, even if you aren't quite sure whether you want to replace the cabinets completely. The following are a few ideas that can give your kitchen a new look with just a small investment and a bit of effort.

Idea #1: Update the Hardware

One of the quickest and budget-friendliest ways to update your cabinets is with new or improved hardware. If your existing hardware has classic or simple lines but the color or finish is out of date, consider using one of the many metallic spray paints available for a quick facelift. Simply remove and wash the hardware. Once dry, apply two or three coats of the paint color of your choice. You can even go for glossy color if you want to really make a statement. For hardware that can't be saved, start over with new handles and knobs that are more your style.

Idea #2: Get a Quick Facelift

The main part of the cabinets that you see and that looks dated is the doors and drawer facings. The good news is that you can replace just these components for a fraction of the cost of purchasing all new cabinets. For example, update plain laminate doors with new glass doors for an instant touch of elegance. Or, switch out the dated inset-style doors for beadboard or plank-style doors. You can even have doors custom made to fit your existing cabinets, which allows you to get just the style you want without the cost of a full installation.

Idea #3: Slap Some Paint on It

Paint is another inexpensive way to update your cabinets, but it can be the most time consuming. Preparation is key if you opt to do it yourself. You will need to remove the doors and all hardware, including hinges. Both the cabinets and the doors will need to be lightly sanded to help the new paint adhere well. Then, primer is applied followed by a couple of coats of paint. Finally you can reinstall the doors and the hardware. The result is a like-new appearance.

Idea #4: Try On Some Molding

Molding isn't just for walls, you can also use it to dress up plain cabinetry. Use thin strips of molding to create faux-insets. Crown molding applied to the top of cabinets, where they meet the ceiling, can give them an elegant or luxurious custom look. You can even combine thin molding with beadboard paneling to give cabinets the appearance of a board inset.

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