How To Add A Glass Shower Door To A Bathtub

Remodeling your bath is a smart investment, especially if you have a shower rod and curtain. Installing a glass shower door, in place of the curtain, will add a lot of style and class to the bathroom. This simple installation will make your shower more waterproof. It is a cost effective home remodel that you can do by yourself if you have a few basic tools. This article explains how to handle the installation of a glass shower door kit.

Adding Glass Doors to Your Bathtub

There are many stylish and easy-to-install shower door kits that you can buy from home improvement stores. While the installation is simple, you need to take extra care when handling the glass doors because it is heavy and obviously dangerous. The most technical part of the actual installation is making sure the frame is level and securely installed.

Installing the Track Pieces

There are 4 pieces to the door frame: the 2 sides, the top track and the bottom track. The bottom track is installed first and it rests right on the tub basin. The tracks will all have riddled holes for the screws, but some kits do not include the necessary screws. This is because different screws need to be used for different bathtub surface. Special fiberglass screws will secure the track in place. Make sure it is centered on the tub basin and is not warped in any places. Next, you will install the side pieces. These need to be vertically leveled. Hold a level along the side as you screw them in place. The type of screws you use will depend on what type of walls you have. Make sure you pre-drill the holes if you have tile sidewalls in your shower. If you have drywall, make sure you use a stud finder and mark where the studs are. If you are able to hit a stud in the wall, your tracks will be much stronger.

If your side tracks are level, then applying the top track will be very easy. It snaps right onto the side pieces. All that is left to do it hang the glass and caulk the edges of the all the tracks. This is very important because you don't want water getting inside the holes that you just screwed.

This simple bathtub upgrade will instantly change the look of the room and make it more water tight. For professional help with a project like this, contact a company like Surface Specialists of Mid-MN.