The Difference Between Custom And Engineered Floors

Hardwood flooring is a very attractive and practical solution for just about any room. It is especially loved on ground floors and in bathrooms. However, not all hardwood floors are one in the same. In general, there are two different types of hardwood floors: engineered and custom. This article will explain the main differences between these two types of hardwood. You will have a better understanding of these two products, and should be able to decide which is best for your property and budget.

Engineered Floors

Engineered floors are probably the more common alternative. They are made out of thin veneers of wood that are glued together. They are much more affordable than custom hardwood because only the top veneer is solid hardwood. The lower layers of wood are made out of lighter, cheaper wood composites. This is actually beneficial in several ways. First, it makes the boards more flexible, so they can be installed more easily on uneven floors. Second, it makes them lighter, so the delivery, installation, and overall costs are much lower. Engineered floors are made to be easy to install. They have a simple tongue and groove construction that makes them very easy to attach to each other. The tongue of one piece can snap into the groove of the next piece without any force. This is why many people install engineered hardwood floors on their own. It brings the overall cost of the project way down: no need to hire a professional construction crew.

Custom Floors

Custom hardwood floors are constructed out of one solid plank of milled hardwood. These planks are usually thicker than engineered planks. The thickness is beneficial when it comes to soundproofing and insulation. However, it is also one of the main reasons they are more expensive. Furthermore, custom floors need to be installed by professional contractors. The edges need to be mitered so the seems align perfectly. They also need to be glued and fastened. This is technical and specific work that needs to be handled by a flooring contractor. One perk of custom floors is the fact that they can be refinished. You can sand off the stain and apply a new stain whenever you want. Many people love the fact that they can refinish and update their floors when they want to give their home a fresh new look.

Custom and engineered floors look very similar. Since the main difference is the price, choose the product that fits best into your personal budget and needs. Contact local providers, such as The Floor Club, to see what works best for you.