Apply Window Film To Your French Entry Doors For Added Privacy

French entry doors can make the front of your house look very grand and very elegant. However, there are also drawbacks to having French exterior doors. They tend to be made of a lot of glass, making it easy for people to peer into your home. Here are a few different types of window film you can apply to your French doors that will increase your privacy.

Plain Colored Window Film

The simplest way to cover up your French doors is to apply a solid colored window film to the glass on your doors. A solid colored window film will make it more difficult for people to look through your windows. From the outside, it will look like you have colored glass on your doors.

On the inside, the light that filters into your house will have a slight colored tint to it. You will still be able to see out through your French doors, although it may feel a little like looking through a frosted window instead of a regular window.

Clear Patterned Window Film

If you don't want colored light coming into your house, you can still get a little privacy through window film. Instead of applying colored window film, you can apply a clear window film that has a specific design pattern on it. This design pattern will add a little flair and elegance to your French doors, and it will also give you a certain degree of privacy.

Light will still flow into your house, and you will still be able to see out of the windows in your French doors. However, from the outside, it will be a little tougher for people to peer through your French doors. The pattern will make it a difficult to clearly see what is going on behind your doors.

Colored Patterned Window Film

Finally, you can combine the two ideas below and apply window film that is both colored and patterned. This will allow light into your house still, but will make it more difficult for people to see into your home. It will give your doors a little touch of elegance as well as color at the same time.

If you are tired of the glass on your French entry doors, dress them up with some window film. All you need to do to apply the window film is clean your windows and stick the film onto them. Most window films are self-adhesive and do not require any additional glue or material. You can also easily remove these window films whenever you want to change up the feel of your entryway.