6 Styles That Look Great with Wood Flooring

Even if you adore wood flooring, you might wonder whether it will look good in a particular room. If you're trying to decide whether the wood look will fit in a room, you can look at it in terms of styles that work well with it. Here are 6 that tend to look great.


Unsurprisingly, rustic tends to play nicely with wood floors. Bear in mind that a room doesn't have to necessarily look like it belongs in a log cabin for this to work. For example, a Tuscan-style kitchen represents a stylish but traditional take on the idea of a rustic space.


People often associate modernist styles with plastic stuff from the 1970s. That is true of what's called the Mid-Century Modern style. However, modernism has gone through several waves, and it has often embraced the beauty of wood.

The main feature of a modernist design is clean lines. Custom wood flooring can add texture and color to spaces that might otherwise look too sterile. If the walls are stark white, for example, a warm brown floor can add significant life to the room.


A room with lots of exposed masonry features often needs a slightly contrasting floor to make it work. If you have a large wall of relatively undifferentiated rocks, for example, glossy custom wood flooring can provide the right contrast. Similarly, a warmly stained floor can contrast nicely against dull-toned masonry.


Given the ability of bohemian styling to embrace almost any element, it's not too surprising that wood flooring will work nicely in this setup. A bohemian interior can also play with assumptions about wood floors. For example, people tend to leave large sections of the wood flooring exposed to show it off. However, a bohemian design might throw rugs over much of it, leaving the wood to peak out rather than being the star.


Folks often associate industrial style trends with the heavy use of metal fixtures. This is common, but the industrial look also frequently harkens to the late 1800s and early 1900s, a period when wood flooring was way more common than it is today. Metal fixtures often attach to the floors, too, yielding a very nice contrast.


The logic here is something halfway between the arguments for modernist and bohemian interiors. A contemporary home can drift toward the starkness of a modernist one, and wood flooring serve much the same role in livening it. However, a contemporary style is more likely to embrace elements like rugs that make the floor a supporting cast member.

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