Tips For Transforming Your Boring Kitchen Into A Stylish Space

Your kitchen gets the job done. You go into it, cook something, eat something, wash something ā€“ everything gets accomplished. Does your kitchen display a sense of style, though? As you plan to remodel your kitchen, transform it into a room as stylish as it is useful.

Island Centerpiece

Your kitchen island is going to catch the eye anyway since it's literally center stage. Use this to your advantage by making it a deliberate focal point. Consider some of the following ideas:

  • Eye-catching color
  • Furniture detailing
  • Complementary-colored countertop
  • Display shelving

Another option for your kitchen island is to have it constructed bi-level. Have one space at an optimal height for food preparation and a taller space for dining. This creates a clear delineation of task areas.

Apron Front Sink

Your sink is more than a space for doing the washing or filling a pot with water. The sink you select can have an impact on the overall style, especially if you choose an apron front sink. These sinks are deeper and wider than the standard models. What sets them apart is that they feature a visible front panel. Apron front sinks often come in white, which lends a farmhouse look. However, it's also possible to select colorful apron front sinks for a more distinct addition to your kitchen remodel.

Faucet Ideas

While you're updating the sink area, don't forget about the faucet. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, kitchen faucets get a lot of use, so they have the opportunity to make a style impact. There are numerous faucet options, such as the motion-powered variety, swan neck models, modern high-arc models and pull-out sprayers. Consider the profile the faucet will make not only with your sink but with the backsplash when selecting a style.

Storage Cubbies

There's never enough storage in the kitchen. However, one way to add both storage and style is by having the contractors build a series of cubbies. These cubbies can fit into any space, including the hard to reach ones. The bonus of adding cubbies instead of standard cabinets is you can utilize them as shadow boxes. Place pretty crockery, wine bottles or other attractive items inside the cubbies to both store them and create a stylish display.

Artistic Backsplash

Your backsplash is one area where you can get really creative. Approach it as a work of art in the sense that it's distinct. Perhaps spend a little time looking over tile selections or perusing pictures of backsplashes. Some stylish options include having a poster glassed over, creating a mosaic with tiles or even transforming the space into another window.

Once you've figured out the major jobs for your kitchen remodel, spend a little time considering how you'd like to make the space more stylish. For professional help, also consider hiring home improvement contractors, such as Latocha Builders & Renovations Inc.